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 Terms and Condition
  1. You have been supplied with complete details of the Tour Arrangement / Itinerary / Price Grid and these terms and conditions for the relevant tour. Please read the same carefully before filling and signing the booking form and the terms and conditions. The Terms and conditions, booking form, payment receipt shall be binding on the parties and shall constitute a contract between the parties. In case of one or more but not all the clients signing the booking form / terms and conditions, it shall be deemed that the others have duly authorized the concerned signing the client/s to do so. In case you sign the booking form for and on behalf of the persons named in the booking form, it shall be deemed and construed that the clients have duly authorized you to sign on their behalf. The signing of the booking form and the Terms and conditions by the client or by you shall reconfirm the acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein by the client/s in totality. The Company reserves the right to decline to book any person/s for any tour or to cancel their booking if it is deemed necessary. No person including the employee/s of the company, or yourself, have the authority to alter, amend, or waive any stipulation, representation, term or condition set forth in this document. Assurance if any, which is contrary to the terms and conditions given shall not bind the Company. The Company has the right at any time to:

    • Terminate the contract prior to the commencement of the tour if it is deemed necessary.
    • Amend, alter, vary or charge any tour, holiday excursion or facility it has advertised or published and substitute a service by service of similar class or type if it is deemed advisable or necessary.
    • In either of the above cases, the company shall not be liable for any refund / compensation whatsoever.

  2.  The contents of the brochure are as accurate as we could make it during the printing of same. However, amenities, schedule and time requirement may change should circumstances so warrant. Tour price are subject to change should airfare and exchange rate alter or due to increases / or introduction of any tax or any surcharge levied by the suppliers / airlines. In case of passenger wishing to travel on different date from the group’s travel, a deviation charge will be applicable and applicable fare difference on the class of booking where seats are obtained will be payable by passenger.

  3.  Passengers will have to strictly follow the tour itinerary as per brochure or as per the amendments made by the tour manager or local representative / guide while on the tour. There will be no refund to passengers for any unutilized services, if not availed by the passenger or if passenger takes any alternate service on his own.

  4. It would be understood that a passenger has read and understood the itinerary, cost implication, payment schedule and terms & conditions of GhumakkarMasti. Before signing the tour registration forms or / and making payments towards part consideration of the tour.

  5. In the event of a passenger is not allowed to board a flight where he was duly booked for whatever the cause may be the passenger can not hold GhumakkarMasti responsible for same and any cancellation charges arising out of same will have to borne by the passenger. Though the ticket issued to the client for a particular sector may have confirmed status, due to overbooking of seats the airline may offload any passengers and accommodate him on a subsequent flight for which the company will not be responsible.

  6. Also in the event of a passenger traveling separately from the group should reach on his own at the hotel / appropriate place at time and report to GhumakkarMasti representative / tour Manager. There will be no refund in failure to do so or in case the passenger need to leave early. Any separate transport arrangement other than with the group will have to be paid by the passenger separately. While on tour , if the passengers stray away from group and do not report on schedule , they will have to make their own way to join up with the group as the group schedule cannot be held up. All expenses relating to rejoining the group will be borne by the passenger.

  7. Meals are pre booked and pre-set, the type of meals are clearly indicated in the brochure. Unlike an airline it would not be possible to provide a special meal or a special diet other than what is mentioned in the brochure. There would be no refund if the passenger chooses on their own not to take any meal.

  8. The hotels provided on the tour are normally moderate unless a superior hotel quality is mentioned. Hotels will have attached bath / shower. Most of the hotels in Europe do not have air conditioning or fans in the room due to favorable weather conditions. Triple room are usually of same size of a double room with an extra roll away bed. A list of hotels confirmed for a particular tour will be given prior departure. Some hotels may be confirmed after departure, while on the tour. Sometimes hotels are overbooked and alternate accommodation of similar standard will be provided

  9. Most of the hotels have safe deposit lockers. You are advised to keep your valuables in the safe deposit lockers. Also it is advised to keep the passport tickets, Foreign exchange and baggage safely. In the case of loss the consequential problems and cost will have to be borne by the passenger. Under no circumstances GhumakkarMasti can be held responsible for any such losses whenever & however it may cause. The Clients should not leave behind any property in the coach while disembarking. The Company would not be responsible or liable in case of loss of such property under any circumstances.

  10. It is the responsibility of the passenger to hold valid documents to enter into a country such as passport, visa, Health Insurance, Vaccination etc. Where GhumakkarMasti needs to apply for any visa or other documents on behalf of the passenger, he needs to furnish all documents required by such authority. However GhumakkarMasti will not be liable or responsible for refusal of same by the appropriate authority.

  11. It is advisable that the passenger should acquire adequate insurance cover to secure their life, health and property. It is to be noted that GhumakkarMasti under no circumstances whatsoever will be liable to the passenger or any other person for any death, personal injury, accident, loss, delay discomfort, increase in expense, consequential loss or damage to baggage, personal effects howsoever caused. In this condition the expression. Howsoever Caused: includes willful negligence on the part of any person. Please note that you would have a direct contractual relation with the insurer and the Company is only a facilitator. You have to check the accuracy and correctness of the policies so obtained and in case of any errors or lapses report the same to the insurance company and get the same rectified as GhumakkarMasti would not be responsible for the same. It shall be your duty to inform the company in case the client has any medical condition that may affect his ability to enjoy and pursue fully the tour arrangements and wherein the interest of the group or any member thereof is prejudicially affected. The Company reserves the right to ask any client to provide written certification of his medical fitness before departure. In the event that a medical condition has not been disclosed, the company is not be liable to provide any assistance or money back for any unutilized services.

  12. GhumakkarMasti act in its capacity as agents for and on behalf of passengers. We do not own or control any aircraft, ship, hotels or coaches or cars or any other means of transportation or any other facility or service mentioned. We take care of contracting all the ingredients of your holiday. Hence we cannot be held responsible for any acts of omission or commission of any other party. Neither we can be held responsible for circumstances, beyond our control and arising out of natural calamities, airlines flight delays, strikes, breakdown in facilities, accidents etc. However caused (Force Majeure vs Majeure).

  13. Any claim or complaint by the passenger must be notified to GhumakkarMasti. in writing within 28 days (Twenty Eight Days) from end of the tour. Claim notified to GhumakkarMasti outside the period will not be entertained and the company shall incur no liability in respect thereof. Also the claim should be substantiated with proper evidence and for any deficiency of services provided should be countersigned by the tour manager / local representative.

  14. All claims, disputes of whatsoever nature relating to the tours of GhumakkarMasti. are subject to Indian law and subject to the jurisdiction of New-Delhi court only.
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